When we created GABOL, we created something bigger than a mere collection of functional products. We try to add character and to find the emotions behind everyday actions. It is this that connects us to people. We design products to satisfy the needs of all kinds of lifestyles. GABOL's expertise is based on the fact that we are present in more than 65 countries, across five continents: we are in constant dialogue with different people from different cultures.

From our headquarters in Valencia (Spain) we supply our shops in countries as different from each other as Mexico, Russia or Hungary.

We maintain an active presence in national and international events, fairs and showrooms: Intergift in Madrid, ILM in Offenbach, Frankfurt's Paperworld, the Salón de la Marroquinerie in Paris, or Sao Paulo's Francal.

We like people's particularities, their special ways of seeing and understanding things; we like people with a special flair when it comes to expressing themselves, people with a language of their own. We like to be wherever people have something to say. We are passionate about taking our suitcases and travelling the world.